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Safe - A Rise of the Guardians Oneshot
This piece is dedicated to those lost in the recent Connecticut shootings. My heart and prayers go out to the children and adults lost and the grieving families. Your courage and strength amazes me to no end, and I hope you find your time of peace as soon as possible, because no one deserves to have life ripped away from them this soon, especially near Christmas time. Please rest in peace.
Jack Frost thought he was going to explode.
He couldn't fly through Burgess fast enough, leaping from rooftop to rooftop in seconds even though it felt like hours. He had to get to the house. He had to get to Jamie. After what he had heard about today . . . he had to see him.
Finally, Jamie's home came into view. It was decorated for Christmas, golden lights dotting the roof and bushes, a wreath hung on the front door, and Jack's snow coating the ground, a foot deep. Jack knew it was late, but he just had to see Jamie if he couldn't talk to him.
Jack inched close to
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This Feeling to Protect
This Feeling to Protect
It was a particularly cold Friday night in the city of Heartland. The beginnings of snow were falling and frost was settling in for a cozy rest. But despite the plummeting temperatures, it was silent and peaceful, and all the residents were fast asleep and at ease.
That is, all except one very curious other-worldly spirit.
In a small but humble home in the heart of the city, Yuma Tsukumo was in a deep sleep in his hammock. His room, actually the house's attic, was positioned perfectly for moonlight to stream through his window and land softly on his face. His left arm was hanging off the side of the hammock and his legs were spread out among the ropes. He snored quietly and turned his body to face the window, his intricate black and red hair-do glistening in the starlight.
Hovering next to his hammock was Astral, the spirit that dwelled inside of the Emperor's Key. Glowing topaz yellow, Astral's eyes watched Yuma thoughtfully as he slept. It was a wonder to Astr
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The Door of Shapes and Shadows
Through the Door of Shapes & Shadows, we meet our true paradise . . .
"Here you go, Mimi. I got you a mirror."
I stare blankly at the life-size rectangular thing my sister has brought me. "Why have you given me this?"
"Don't you want to see your pretty face?"
My face is not pretty. My face is the basket that holds my jumbled, color-infused egg of a mind. That's why I'm here in this asylum. My sister calls it "the hospital." I call it "the place they've sent me because I can't handle the real world."
Yes, I may be insane, but that doesn't mean I'm naïve.
Or impolite. "Thank you, Tabby. It's wonderful."
She beams. Nurse Sonya walks in. "I'm sorry, Miss Franklin, but visiting hours are now expired."
Tabby sighs. "Very well." She turns to me. "I'll be back as soon as I can, Mimi." She runs her fingers thro
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9: Genesis - Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Friend in Need
That night, 2 was sent out to scout again. He hadn't really minded lately, and with 5's invention, it was much more comforting to see clearer into the surrounding dark.
Lighting up the candle on his head, 2 walked outside, squinting into the shadows. As usual, he went to the closest pile of human objects, inspecting them with care. The humans were so interesting! All these inventions left behind made his and 5's telescope look amateurish.
Walking beside an upturned vehicle, 2 realized he was near the Scientist's house. He gazed up at the structure apprehensively, feeling strange. Was that movement he'd seen in the window? No, impossible. There hadn't been movement in that house for years --- with the exception of the wind that breezed in often, rustling papers and making things of metal clink.
He reminisced the time he'd awoken. The immediate astonishment when laying eyes upon the environment . . . the war raging just outside . . . balls of fire and the
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9: Genesis - Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Out There
"They've . . . left?" 2 asked, his eyebrows lowering in despair.
"They just . . . walked out," 5 explained gently. "Saying nothing."
2 felt the sadness take over. He'd been growing so close to young 10. She was so caring, so kind, so innocent. . . . And 7? As much as he didn't want to admit it, 2 had always really known she'd brake away from 1's restrictions eventually. 7 was too spirited to stay cooped up inside.
"Pah . . . ignorant brats," 1 growled. "With them gone, we will need someone to scout in their place. 2, I shall put you in charge of that."
5 gasped. "2? O-out there? But he's too old! He could---"
"Hush, 5," 2 ordered sternly. Then, to 1: "Yes, 1. I understand."
1 nodded and shuffled out of the room.
"But---" 5 tried again. "B-but, 2, you can't scout! Well, not that you can't, but what if something happens? Maybe I should go instead. I could---"
5 looked at him, panting a little, and was confused to see him smiling.
"M'boy, I'm touche
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9: Genesis - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Under the Wing
7 and the others' escape infuriated 1. He demanded that they be found once, which he assigned 8 to do.
"Aw, c'mon, 1!" 8 whined. "I don't wanna scout."
1 glared frostily at 8. "Are you defying me? You buffoon, four stitch-punks have gone rogue! I need to stay and make sure no one else leaves. Which leaves you" - he poked 8 in the chest with the tip of his staff - "to scout for them. Do you want others to leave, to die out there?"
8 cringed. "No . . ."
"Then go out and SCOUT!"
15 didn't like waking up.
Of course, it was amazing - as life is - to see everything, and it'd been hard to control her limbs and start to think straight, but it felt so weird to wake up in front of a . . . What was he?
He was pale and weak, with shining eyes with circles under them and puffs of white hair. He was smiling, but he reminded 15 of glass: like he was going to shatter any second.
"Hello . . ."
He surprised her by speaking first, then by slowly extending his hand, index
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Ultimate Profile Layout: Eriko
Full name of Character: Eriko Kurokawa
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name:
-Her original name was Emiko, but I was writing her name down once and I stopped while writing the "m" and it looked like an "r." I liked it a lot more so I stuck with it. ^^ Her surname means "black river" in Japanese.
-"Fire Witch" and "Fire Goddess" by a character of higher regard (who will remain unnamed XD)
Reason for nickname:
-She has the power over fire. (Kinda cliched, I know. XD)
Birthdate: April 3, 1995
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Bloodtype: O positive
Bloodline: ?
Race: Human (?)
Occupation/class: Freshman . . . ? XD
Social class: (?)
Orientation/Sex Preference: O_o Wha--?
= Physical Appearance =
How old they appear: I'd say, since she's shorter than the average teen and has a childish face, she'd look 12. XD
Eye Color: Dark blue
Glasses or contacts?: Nope
Hair color length and style: Her bangs are red (naturally) and the rest of her hair is black, reaching her mid-back.
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Art Trade: victorsgurl288-6x10 by DarkBallerinaQueen Art Trade: victorsgurl288-6x10 :icondarkballerinaqueen:DarkBallerinaQueen 7 24
9: Genesis - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Broken
5 and 12 were not the only ones to grow closer over the passing months.
10's fascination with 6 grew into a friendship. During the day, they'd lie around in 6's corner, and 6 would explain---as best as he could---his drawings to her. By night, 10 slept in her room close to 6 (which was what the humans had called a "fireplace." 2 had gotten rid of all contents of wood and burning fuel so 10 could sleep there and not fear). But 10 couldn't believe how cryptic 6 himself was. He spoke in a low voice constantly, and his drawings had sharp edges and mysteries behind them. She noticed how often he drew a circle with symbols around it, and she had meant to ask him about it.
She never got the chance.
Almost eight months after she'd awoke, 10 and 6 were doing the normal routine: 6 would stay up most the night drawing something new, and when he showed it to her, 10 would examine it with honest interest.
On that particular day, 10 asked, "What does this mean?" while pointi
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5x12 - Lily-pily's contest by DarkBallerinaQueen 5x12 - Lily-pily's contest :icondarkballerinaqueen:DarkBallerinaQueen 6 197
9: Genesis - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Artist Stitch-punk
7 showed 2, 10, and 5 how to use the pulley-lift system they'd invented to get upstairs. It consisted of a bucket and rope, in which someone would pull on the rope to pull the bucket, holding everyone, up to the next level. 7 and 5 pulled the rope as 2 and 10 stayed quiet. Until 10 finally spoke up.
"Who else is there?"
7 and 2 exchanged a glance.
"You'll meet everyone soon," 7 said slowly.
"Let's just say we have a colorful bunch," 2 added.
At last, they reached the level. As 10 disembarked, she heard yelling coming from the next room.
"You should respect me, young lady! It was I who found this piece of sanctuary for us."
2 sighed.
They walked in, and 10 was awe-struck. The windows were amazingly tall and colorful, with  beautiful pictures of humans on them. Sunlight melted into the rainbow glass and sent light around the big room.
Standing in the middle were 12 and a stitch-punk 10 didn't know. His head was narrow and his face was wr
:icondarkballerinaqueen:DarkBallerinaQueen 5 151
9: Genesis - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Stitched Heart
"There, good as new!" 2 exclaimed.
5 touched the leather patch that concealed his broken eye tenderly. He chuckled, sounding relieved, but tired. "Heh. I can concentrate on one thing now . . . Thank you, 12."
2 smiled heartedly. "That's the spirit, m'boy," he said, lightly slapping 5's shoulder. Then he turned to 12. "And you, young lady. Thank you for helping him."
12 nodded but said nothing, breezing a few steps back. She felt so strange. Like she couldn't stand to be around 5 and 2. Not that she didn't like or appreciate them; it was just a feeling.
"2?" 7 appeared in the doorway. "I hate to be a burden, but . . . her condition is critical."
12 looked 7 up and down. 7 was the only other female next to her and 10. She was a lot lighter than the other stitch-punks, being bleached white, with strong limbs and open eyes. 12 recalled how brave and impressive 7 had acted while trying to find others and couldn't help but feel a trickle of respect come into
:icondarkballerinaqueen:DarkBallerinaQueen 4 2
9: Genesis - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Found
12's eyes were tightly closed as she hid behind an empty bombshell.
She'd woken up from blacking out and, in a rush of panic, scurried to shelter. "It'll be over soon," she kept on telling herself, holding her hands together.
Something grasped her arm.
12 looked up, getting ready to shriek, but stopped cold.
5 had never considered himself "brave." In fact, in the short time of being awake, he'd been afraid of everything that moved. But something inside him jolted awake when he spotted the fellow stitch-punk, hiding from the explosions and lasers, alone.
He ran to her in concern.
5's first thought of this lonesome stitch-punk was how unique she looked, unlike him. His layout was pretty plain. He was light brown, with soft, strong fabric, his fingers copper, and widely-shaped specs. He had merely a second to take in the pretty dark color of her fabric, the black lace tied around her head, and the delicate shape of her hands. When he'd reached out to touch her, he
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9: Genesis - Chapter 1
9: Genesis
The Scientist scanned over his blueprints one more time.
"10 can only mean perfection," he thought. "Even though . . . no such living thing holds a mere piece of it . . ."
                His thoughts were silent as he used a screwdriver to tighten the rag doll's eyes. Then, delicately, he used a pen to write "10" on the doll's back.
                "Except one . . . perfect . . ."
                Images flashed by in his mind: explosions, screaming, people running for cover . . . the face of a smiling young girl . . . then another image of her eyes wide and full of tears . . . her lifeless body in his arms . . .
                "She w
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B-day Gift for EtsukoAjibana by DarkBallerinaQueen B-day Gift for EtsukoAjibana :icondarkballerinaqueen:DarkBallerinaQueen 5 36 Deception by DarkBallerinaQueen Deception :icondarkballerinaqueen:DarkBallerinaQueen 1 26



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. . . I'm just lazy! :D

But anyway . . .

Yes, the last time I updated was April. Yes, I've been aware of that ever since.

But it's summer! :dance:

Well, it was, but it'll slice a little starting tomorrow. Tomorrow: First color guard practice. At the instructor's house.

The 6-foot flag I have to bring (that I've had since they gave it to me when I attended a practice after school) is HEAVY, man. Not as heavy as when I started using it a few months back; but still, heavier than my original practice flag. But hey, I'm not complaining; I LOVE the flag - it has a GORGEOUS design - and we have 10-foot flags, as well. (Is unaware if we're even using them this year.)

Our theme? "Russian Symphonic Essense."

. . .  No, I have no idea what that means.

But hey, our theme last year was "The Music of Led Zeppelin," and that show was AWESOME. I have faith in our Band Director and my captain. :D

But yes, I'm quite excited. And nervous. And anxious. And terrified.

But I'm sure I won't set anything on fire during a performance.

-nervous laugh-

. . .

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